Process of Dining – Documentation

This will be a synopsis of my documentation and observation the current facilities and processes of dining in the current lodge. This, along with notes from talking with Will and Heidi, will lead to some solutions for a future dining center. The four main processes (Storage, Staff, Dining, Dish Cleaning) will be concentrated on.



With the current state of storage (below), all areas seem to be fairly spread out, which can have its pros and cons. It is nice to have space for everything, but having the root cellar and ice house at such a distance can cause problems. The large pantry is nice to have, and the designated area for recycling is also a must.

20160830_125730-cropped_storageThoughts for the new center:

The key to any kitchen is storage, storage, and storage. (The more the better.) The root cellar and ice house will need to be in close proximity to the kitchen, possibly connected. They will house bulk items, and a small refrigerator and freezer located in the kitchen will hold non-bulk items. There will be a designated area for recycling that will be more accessible than the current facilities.


Currently, the staff (below) has 6-8 ft. of counter / prep space and a fairy large single oven with a 4 burner stovetop. (36 x 30)

20160830_125730-cropped_staffThoughts for the new center:

At the bare minimum, the provided counter / prep space should be doubled (12-16 ft.) A large single or double oven with at least a 6 burner stovetop will need to be provided along with a hood vent or proper ventilation system. Another addition will need to be handwashing sinks that are separate from the food prep and dishwashing sinks.


The actual dining process (below) shows a conflict in dining flow with the placement in dishes and the direction of the serving at the serving station. The serving station is also fairly small at 4-5 ft. The aspect of the current dining hall that is necessary to carry through to the new dining hall is the large, family style, planning table.

20160830_125730-cropped_diningThoughts for the new center:

The table carrying over into the new dining space is necessary (as stated above), but it might be nice to experiment with making it modular. Expanding the serving space to something around 8-10 ft. will accommodate the amount of people being served. There were also thoughts on designating a separate area for water/coffee/tea.

SIDE NOTE: There will be an outdoor wood burning pizza oven.

Dish Cleaning

The current conditions of the dish cleaning process (below) are some of the things that need to be improved. Currently there is a 2 basin sink (33 in. wide) and a small drying area. After the dishes are dried, the storage of dishes tends to be inconvenient.

20160830_125730-cropped_cleaningThoughts for the new center:

Dishwashing facilities will be one of the most improved facilities in the new center. Having an overall larger area, and a real sanitizing dishwasher will make the process much easier. Having a designated area for storing dishes closer to the washing area, preferably adjacent to the serving space, will be a challenge and goal.



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