Will’s Library | A Pattern Language

Here are a few quotes from the book that deal with creativity, society, etc.


“In a society which emphasizes teachings, children and students – and adults – become passive and unable to think for themselves. Creative, active individuals can only grow up in a society which emphasizes learning instead of teaching.”

“Instead of the lock-step of compulsory schooling in a fixed place, work in piecemeal ways to decentralize the process of learning and enrich it through contact with many places and people all over the city; workshops, teachers at home or walking through the city, professionals willing to take on the young as helpers, older children teaching younger children, scholarly seminars, industrial workshops, old people, and so on. Conceive of all these situations as forming the backbone of the learning process; survey all these situations, describe them, and publish them as the city’s “curriculum”; then let students, children, their families and neighborhoods weave together for themselves the situations that comprise their “school” paying as they go with standard vouchers, raised by community tax. Build new educational facilities in a way which extends and enriches this network.”


“Unless the present day great nations have their power greatly decentralized, the beautiful and differentiated languages, cultures, customs, and ways of life of the earths people, vital ti the health of the planet, will vanish.”

“Metropolitan regions will not come to balance until each one is small and autonomous enough to be an independent sphere of culture.”

“Individuals form his own self out of the values, habits and beliefs, and attitudes which his society presents him with.”

“Unique as we may think we are, we are nevertheless as likely to be genetically programmed to a natural habitat of clean air and a varied green landscape as any other mammal.”



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