Will’s Library | Interaction of Color


Will chose this book because of the importance of the effects that color has.

Albers writes about many different  aspects of color, the section on color harmony seems especially interesting and pertinent to the project.

Here are some quotes/paraphrases from the text.

In theory, color harmony is far simple, since one can control the light, proportion of color, shape and quantity.
In practice, the quality of color harmony usually proves greatly influenceable by light, type of perception, presentation, basically everything that makes color harmony in theory relatively controllable.
The relationship between color harmony and harmony of food, is present in the need to “taste” the creation, to immerse oneself in the color experience. It is extremely important to establish the importance of who is experiencing and critiquing the harmony, since taste in both areas are relatively subjective.
Rather than knowledge and its application, a flexible imagination, including discovery, and invention proves far more valuable in the pursuit of color harmony.





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