Strategies for Waste | Large capacity compost toilet

Sometimes overlooked in the realm of waste management is sewage. Excluding only a small percentage, residence of the United States live where sewage is flushed down the toilet and treated by the city of township. In an off-grid wilderness location such as the Steger Wilderness Center, there is a different story because sewage is not flushed out of sight and piped to a city government to treat. Thus, managing this type of waste requires an on-site solution. Presently that solution is the use of pit-toilets and a few compost toilets. The relatively large number of visitors to the SWC in combination with a cold winter climate, compost toilets are need modifications to be effective. Presented in this webpage is a compost toilet solution for Canadian wilderness parks with high visitor rates that had positive results in Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, Yoho National Park, and Nahanni National Park.

This composter toilet can handle an average of about 15 overnight users per day (1,150 overnight visitors per season) and costs $3395 (1995 quote). 00231305_fig100231305_fig2


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